The Glenmack Harley Rake is known worldwide as the BEST soil prep and conditioner tool
available, Period! Put that power to use in your yard. If its new construction and the soil is hard,
compacted, loaded with rocks, trash and construction debris, Harley is the answer. Or maybe your
old yard has been worn down and beaten to death and over seeding just wont work anymore,
Harley is the answer. This attachment will provide a perfect soil bed for seed or sod and do it in a
fraction of the time of old fashion tillers or hand tools. Also great for job site clean up around the
foundation , fine leveling,  gravel driveway smoothing, and contouring.
With bucket capacity of 3000 lbs, our Skid Steer can handle just about any size job. The small
footprint makes it perfect for grading and hauling in and around tight spaces, but its speed and
capacity allow it to do larger jobs as well. Back filling basements, lite grading, spreading dirt or
gravel, leveling rough yards or driveways, moving rocks or sand, or whatever you can imagine,
our Skid Steer can Probably handle the job!!
By utilizing our Custom Backhoe attachment, we add a whole new dimension to the tractor. Our
unit will dig an 18" trench up to 4 feet deep. Perfect for small footings, sewer lines, planting, silt
fence maintenance, rock and tree stump removal, ditch repair, and on and on.
For little more than the price you would probably pay to Rent a skid steer, we will come to your
house or jobsite and perform the work for you! Our operators have spent hundreds of hours on
this equipment and will most likely finish in a fraction of the time it would take you to accomplish
the same task. Also, think about how many times you've rented equipment that did not work
properly or broke down. You could spends hours just trying to learn the equipment or getting it to
work properly. Give the professionals a call and relax!
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Our John Deer Trencher attachment allows us to trench 6 inches wide and up to 36 inches deep.
The specially designed rock teeth will cut through almost any substrate. Great for installing water
lines, irrigation systems, electrical wiring, gutter drainage, and even French drains in some
New Holland LS170
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Our lift forks attachment makes moving pallets, trees, and building materials a breeze. Also great
for lifting materials up to a height of 8 feet. Don't break your back, Call us at 706-207-0054
SKID STEER SERVICES - 706-207-0054